OnlyoneKesh Biography – State Of Origin, Age, Career, Net Worth, & More

OnlyoneKesh Biography – State Of Origin, Age, Career, Net Worth, & More

Who is OnlyoneKesh?

Kenechukwu Ndulue renowned as OnlyOneKeshor is an entrepreneur and popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Besides the entertainment industry, he has other means of earning. He is the promoter and manager of fast-rising artist, Young Duu.

Recently, he gained media attention after he fought with Young Duu’s former boss, Portable. This occurred at a bar in Lagos and the pair had to be separated by other notable figures around like Charles Okocha. Young Duu however, did not like the turn of events and was against his former boss, Portable on Instagram.

OnlyoneKesh’s Early Life and Education

OnlyoneKesh’s roots trace back to the Southeastern part of Nigeria. There isn’t any information on where he grew up but he has travelled to various countries. However, there is currently no information on Kenechukwu’s educational background.

OnlyoneKesh’s Career

OnlyOneKesh has rapidly emerged as a rising star in Nigeria’s entertainment scene, excelling as a talent manager and PR specialist. While he’s also into real estate, his current focus involves managing the careers of promising artists like Berri-tiga, Twin Obo, and Young Duu.

Over the past three years in the entertainment industry, has gone through the highs and lows, dedicated to helping aspiring artists. He aims to help aspiring artists achieve success through his Kesh entertainment company.

OnlyOneKesh is the CEO and Managing Director at Kesh Apartments, a real estate company specializing in leasing apartments. His management has earned the company success, drawing significant attention within the industry.

OnlyoneKesh’s Personal Life

Although he is currently unmarried, there is no more information on Kesh’s personal life.

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What is OnlyoneKesh’s real name?

The talent manager’s real name is Kenechukwu Ndulue.

How old is OnlyoneKesh?

There is currently no information on Kenechukwu Ndulue’s age or date of birth.

Where is OnlyoneKesh from?

Kenechukwu Ndulue hails from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

Is OnlyoneKesh married?

Kenechukwu Ndulue is currently single.

What is OnlyoneKesh’s Net Worth?

Kesh has an estimated net worth of around $60,000.


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