Cindy Amadi Biography – Career, Origin, Age, Death, Net Worth, & More

Cindy Amadi Biography – Career, Origin, Age, Death, Net Worth, & More

Who Is Cindy Amadi?

The month of September has indeed been a very sad one for Nigerians around the world. Just days ago we were informed of the death of Mohbad who is a well-known Nigerian artist. Today we receive sad info on the passing of another popular Nigerian actress; Cindy Amadi.

Want to know more about her? Read on to find out.

Cindy Amadi’s Biography & Career

Cindy Amadi is a Nigerian-born actress who came into the limelight after her role in a lesbian-themed movie released in 2020. The name of the movie is “Ife” and it was one that also quickly caught the hearts of many Nigerians. She hails from the eastern region of Nigeria and is also said to be in her late 20s.

Cindy Amadi’s Death

On the 14th of September, it was publicly announced that the beautiful actress had passed on. The information was made public via her personal Instagram page by her family and loved ones. A sad story and also a sad month it has been for many Nigerians.

The cause of death, however, is yet to be announced to the public at this point in time. Nevertheless, do ensure you check back shortly for an update on this issue.

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Where is Cindy Amadi from?

She hails from the eastern region of Nigeria.

How old is Cindy Amadi?

It is believed that the talented actress is in her late 20s.

What is Cindy Amadi’s cause of death?

As of 14th September, the cause of death remains unknown.

Which movie did Cindy Amadi act in?

She grew into fame after her role in the movie “Ife” which was released in 2020.

What is Cindy Amadi’s net worth?

Her net worth is not yet known, however, ensure you check back for an update shortly.


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