Mhiz Gold (TikTok) Biography – Origin, Age, Sex Tape, Net Worth, & More

Mhiz Gold (TikTok) Biography – Origin, Age, Sex Tape, Net Worth, & More

Who Is Mhiz Gold?

TikTok has been a very enjoyable app, it has brought fame to many Nigerians around the world. but sometimes, fame comes at a cost, and that is one that Mhiz Gold has seen firsthand. Want to know about the popular TikTok influencer whose sex tape was leaked recently? You are at the right place, do well to read on.

Mhiz Gold’s Biography & Leaked Sex Tape

Golden, who goes by the name Mhiz Gold, is a popular Nigerian socialite and also a TikTok Influencer. She hails from Asaba, Delta State Nigeria, and is said to be in her 20s. The pretty influencer grew to fame by posting various videos on her TikTok page which caught the attention of many Nigerian Youths.

Sadly, on the 13th of September, the influencer was struck by shock after discovering that her sex tape was released by an unknown individual. The video in particular is one that is very wild and contains scenes that she wasn’t proud of. As of today, she is yet to make any comment about the video in particular.

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How old is Mhiz Gold?

She is in her 20s.

Where is Mhiz Gold from?

She hails from the southern region of Nigeria, from Asaba, Delta State to be precise.

What is Mhiz Gold’s real name?

Her real name has not yet been revealed, however, she is often called golden.

What is Mhiz Gold’s net worth?

Her net worth is not yet known.

Who is the guy in Mhiz Gold’s sex tape?

The identity of the guy in the video is yet to be revealed, Nevertheless, ensure you check back for an update on this shortly.


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