Joyc Ijeoma – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Guinness World Record, Net Worth, & More

Joyc Ijeoma – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Guinness World Record, Net Worth, & More

Who is Joyc Ijeoma?

Joyce Ijeoma is a young female Nigerian masseuse who hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria and currently resides and operates her business in Lagos State. She also goes by the name Joyc IJeoma She recently attempted to undertake a 72 hours marathon for the longest massage.

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Joyce Ijeoma’s Biography

As a young business-oriented lady, Joyce Ijeoma aspires to achieve a milestone to set a record for herself. She is the owner of golden touch Massage located in Lekki, Lagos.

By 1 July 2023, she made a post via Instagram, inviting the public to cheer her as she embarks on a 72 hours marathon to set a new record for the longest massage on Guinness World Record (GWR) at 29B Kusenla Road, opp. Ave Maria Catholic Church, Lekki, Lagos.

Her inspiration came as a result of the recent achievement by Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci, who broke the Guinness World Record for her 96 hours 11 minutes cooking marathon.

However, during her attempt at Ijeoma to complete her 72 hours massage marathon, she collapsed out of the blue after completing 50 hours. The current record for the longest marathon is by a South African man called Alastair Galpin for 25 hours and 4 minutes.

It stands to be known if the Guinness World Records were aware of the attempt. In a recent post on Twitter, the GWR released a statement on participants to properly confirm with their team before attempting to break any records.

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Social Media Handles of Joyc Ijeoma

  • Instagram – @joycijeoma
  • Tik Tok – @joycijeoma


What is Joyc Ijeoma’s real name?

Her real name is Joyce Ijeoma.

Where is Joyc Ijeoma from?

Joyce Ijeoma is a young Igbo lady from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

How old is Joyc Ijeoma?

We do not have information on her age as of now.

What is Joyc Ijeoma’s net worth?

We do not know much about her net worth at the moment. Do well to check back as I will be updating this article shortly.


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