Chef Temitope Adebayo – Biography, Guinness Book Record, Origin, & More

Chef Temitope Adebayo – Biography, Guinness Book Record, Origin, & More

Who Is Chef Temitope Adebayo?

Temitope Adebayo is an Oyo-based chef. He hails from the Ogbomoso area in Oyo state and has recently hit the world with shocking information. The talented chef has revealed his plans to beat Chef Hilda Baci’s and Prospect Chef Dammy’s cook-a-thon records.

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Chef Temitope Adebayo’s Biography

Chef Temitope recently rocked the internet after revealing his plans to beat the longest cooking time recording in the Guinness World Record. He is set to beat the time already set earlier this year by Hilda Baci, which is 120 hours.

He even pushed further to beat the time that will be set by Chef Dammy (which is still in prospect). The event is said to take place later this year (1st November) but he has already posted proof of registration and verification with the Guinness World Record.

The information has been passed on to the masses and has been posted by various top social media influencers. However, the chef did not receive the warm welcome he had hoped he would. Rather he has been receiving sticks on social media has many believe the pursuit is illogical.

Nevertheless, Chef Temitope will commerce this event on the stipulated time in Ibadan, Oyo State on the 1st of November. He claims he is not flinched by all the backlash he is getting but is only focused on the task at hand.
Chef Temitope Adebayo’s

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Social Media Handles


What is Chef Temitope Adebayo’s age?

Not much is known yet about his age, however, it is believed that he is in his 20s.

Where is Chef Temitope Adebayo from?

He hails from Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

What is Chef Temitope Adebayo’s net worth?

His net worth is not yet known to the public. Do ensure to check back as I will be updating this article shortly.


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