Molly Awele (Tik Tok) Biography – Origin, Age, Leaked Sex Tape Scandal, & More

Molly Awele (Tik Tok) Biography – Origin, Age, Leaked Sex Tape Scandal, & More

Who Is Molly Awele?

The month of August has been a month of revelation, to some positive revelation while to others, negative. Molly Awele has been on the negative end after her sex tape made its way into the net and has caused a roar all around.

Want to know more about the famous TikToker “Molly Awele” and her sex tape scandal? Read on then!!!

Molly Awele’s Biography and Sex Scandal

Molly is a Nigerian social media influencer, she grew to fame by posting her energetic and captivating videos via TikTok. Born in the eastern region of Nigeria, she is believed to be 21 years of age. Sadly, an unidentified source took to the net to upload videos of her. Some of these were her pleasing herself and others of her teasing her audience by exposing certain areas of her body.

The video raised many controversies and questions. Some sources claimed the videos were released by her, others claim it was by an ex, and some even believe the girl has been selling videos of herself on Snapchat for a while. Although the source of the video is not yet known, Molly took to her account to express her pain in the whole issue. She claims that she is deeply hurt but has to move on regardless.

Molly Awele’s Social Media Handles

  • Instagram – @iamawele
  • Twitter – @iamawele

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Where is Molly Awele from?

She hails from the Eastern region of Nigeria.

How old is Molly Awele?

Although the exact age is yet to be confirmed, it is believed she is 21 years of age.

Who is Molly Awele’s boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is not yet known by the public yet, however, do ensure you check back for an update on this.

What is Molly Awele’s net worth?

Her net worth is not yet known.


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