VeryDarkMan Biography – Age, Origin, Jenny’s Glow Case, Net Worth & More

VeryDarkMan Biography – Age, Origin, Jenny’s Glow Case, Net Worth & More

Who is Verydarkman?

In today’s society, controversies have become a regular thing online on different social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and more. These controversies often bring attention to different individuals involved. One of the names that came up recently on social media is Martins Black Vincent popularly known as Verydarkman.

Want to know more about him? Then sit back, relax, and read on as I tell you more about him.

Verydarkman biography, age, controversies, and more

Verydarkman is an activist, content creator, and social media sensation who lives in Abuja. Although, he is from Edo state, Nigeria where he was born and grew up. He is known on TikTok and Instagram for his involvement in trending issues online.

He gained media attention recently when he shifted his attention toward skincare brands like Jenny’s Glow and Nkechi Blessing for promoting a skincare brand named Dorinda. Just over a week ago, his attention was brought to Jenny’s Glow Skincare after she had an issue with a client.

Verydarkman went further to post content online condemning Jenny’s glow and advised the media not to use her products that they are harmful and not registered under NAFDAC. He also posted a video a few days later where Jenny’s glow office in Abuja was sealed. This was a result of selling products that weren’t approved by NAFDAC.

He continued by posting a few other videos after Jennifer Igbinoba, the CEO and founder of Jenny’s Glow responded to him with a video. It continued but cooled off after his attention shifted towards Nkechi Blessing.

He posted a video online criticizing Nkechi Blessing for promoting a skincare brand, Dorinda Cosmetics using filters. He also questioned the brand’s credibility for not being registered under NAFDAC. Nkechi Blessing responded on Instagram by defending herself that she isn’t an ambassador of the brand and went further to broke-shame verydarkman.

It didn’t end there as verydarkman released a video online saying he is lucky to have overcome depression after Nkechi Blessing broke-shamed him in a live video.

Verydarkman’s Personal Life and Education

Currently, there isn’t much about him online about his personal life, education, or family.


How old is Verydarkman?

Although it is yet to be confirmed, he is probably in his early 30s.

Where is Verydarkman from?

He is from Edo state, Nigeria.

What is Verydarkman’s real name?

His real name is Martins Black Vincent.

What is the Verydarkman’s net worth?

There is currently no specific figure on his net worth, however, do check back for an update on this soonest.


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