Eric Umeofia Biography – Origin, Career, Early Life, Net Worth, & More

Eric Umeofia Biography – Origin, Career, Early Life, Net Worth, & More

Who is Eric Umeofia?

Eric Umeofia is one of the many Nigerian billionaire businessmen in the country. He is the founder, president, and Chief Executive Officer of Erisco Foods Limited specializes in the food manufacturing industry. In this post, we’ll be telling you about his biography, career, and recent events.

Early Life and Biography

He was born in Anambra state, Nigeria where he faced a lot of challenges during his upbringing. However, his early life encounters molded his resolve to succeed and push for advancement. In the face of financial limitations and various challenges during his upbringing, he wholeheartedly embraced diligence. However, He chose not to pursue a university education, driven by a strong determination to achieve success.

Career, Business, and Recent Events

Eric began his career in the textile business in his early years in Lagos. Later, on a journey to the North, he shifted his focus to mastering the trade of vehicle spare parts. Following prosperous endeavors in the spare parts industry, he founded Erisco Bumpet, a business specializing in automatic fire extinguishers.

He later extended his reach to include operations in Angola and the United Arab Emirates. After achieving remarkable success with his spare parts business, he marked a significant milestone in his career by founding Erisco Foods Limited. Eric Umeofia is a strong advocate for the advancement of Nigeria’s manufacturing industry.

He has emphasized the importance of a supportive government and a stable economic environment. He considers them critical factors for fostering the growth of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria. Recently, Erisco Foods’ management is actively preparing a legal action against a Facebook user named Chioma Egodi, seeking damages amounting to N5 billion. This legal action stems from her review of one of the company’s tomato paste products.

Eric Umeofia, the founder of Erisco Foods, disclosed these intentions during an interview with Arise Television on Thursday, September 28, 2023. He explained that the choice to take legal action against her is rooted in her refusal to issue a public apology.

Eric pointed out that her actions have negatively affected the company’s image. He asserted that she had never been a client and argued that her allegations were baseless. Nevertheless, a significant number of Nigerians have voiced their dissatisfaction with Eric and his company following Egodi’s arrest.

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How old is Eric Umeofia?

There is no information on the internet related to his age.

Where is Eric Umeofia from?

The Nigerian businessman hails from Anambra State, located in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

What is Eric Umeofia’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of over one billion dollars ($1Bn).

Is Eric Umeofia married?

He is happily married and blessed with children although there’s no specific information on how many children he has.

Does Eric Umeofia have children?

Yes, although there is no verified information on how many children he has, his son got married in 2019.


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