Paul Nwokocha Biography – Age, Origin, Scandal, Net Worth, & More

Paul Nwokocha Biography – Age, Origin, Scandal, Net Worth, & More

Who is Paul Nwokocha?

Before now, Nigerian churches and homes have been known for singing Igbo songs a lot, especially in the Eastern and Southern parts of Nigeria. One of those Igbo gospel artists who made this possible is Paul Nwokocha.

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Paul Nwokocha’s Biography & Early Life

Paul Nwokocha is an award-winning gospel artist and songwriter known for singing in Igbo. He hails from Abiriba village in Abia State, Nigeria. He is based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and has almost 40 albums.

His musical career started 25 years ago. He grew up in a Christian home and became familiar with gospel songs at a young age. He was well-known throughout his primary and secondary school days for his singing talent and voice.

Paul was invited to perform on many occasions as a young boy. He was from a poor background but his singing abilities made it possible for him to go through his primary and secondary school through scholarship.

After his secondary education, he left Abiriba for Aba in order to start a professional musical career since it gave him an early education. It wasn’t easy for him when he went to Aba. He was homeless and struggled before eventually getting a one-room apartment.

Paul Nwokocha’s Scandal

When his music started selling, he had about 18 hits but still wasn’t getting enough money because his marketer was cheating him and giving him little money. Eventually, he made it in 2000 after he released his hit album “Nkwa Praise” which sold over 8 million copies.

He became wealthy and bought houses and cars. His wealth didn’t bring only joy as he faced trials and temptations when his kinsmen in Abia believed that his wealth came from rituals.

As a result, he released an album named “Akam di Ocha” meaning my hands are clean. As a result of the album, he won the best gospel artiste award at the NMA(Nigerian Music Awards) in 2008. It all started when he won an award in South Africa as one of the best gospel artists in Africa.

His colleague offered a prophet named Utu 3 million naira to ensure his image was tarnished. The prophet singled his name out as one of the ritualists in the community. He said so many bad things about him and most people believed him.

Paul Nwokocha heard about it and went to meet the prophet, the prophet asked him for N200,000 which he didn’t have. The prophet continued and
requested that Paul Nwokocha be brought to him if seen. Paul Nwokocha went to him willingly.

In the process, someone yelled at Prophet Utu and said he would expose him if he killed this innocent man. Prophet Utu eventually confessed that he was given 1.5 million naira to tarnish his image and a further 1.5 million naira once done.

Mr Nwokocha didn’t disclose the identity of the colleague but said he had forgiven him after he came begging for forgiveness.

Paul Nwokocha’s wife and children

Paul Nwokocha is set to get married to a woman named Goodness on the 16th of September, 2023. He was initially married to Mrs. Alice Paul Nwokocha but divorced recently after over 16 years of marriage. The reason for the divorce remains unknown. According to reports, they had children together but this is yet to be verified.


How many children does Paul Nwokocha have?

According to reports, he has children but this is yet to be verified if he does and how many children he has.

Is Paul Nwokocha getting married again?

Yes, he will be getting married to a woman named Goodness on the 16th of September, 2023.

What is Paul Nwokocha’s Net worth?

Paul Nwokocha has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


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