Dami Oniru – Biography, Full Name, Age, Origin, Education, Net Worth, & More

Dami Oniru – Biography, Full Name, Age, Origin, Education, Net Worth, & More

Who is Dami Oniru?

Dami Oniru born as Bri’ana Oluwadamiloa Oniru-Edwards, is a female Nigerian singer. She was born in Georgia, Atlanta and resides in Lagos State, Nigeria. Dami is a graduate of the field of International Business and Management.

Dami Oniru’s Biography

Oluwadamilola is a Nigerian who was born in Georgia, Atlanta. She grew up shuffling between Lagos, Nigeria and Atlanta. Living with her family and schooling in Lagos, Dami discovered her musical talent at age 9 while she was in primary school.

She would always listen to RnB songs while growing up. She seeks to make songs that people can emotionally relate to the lyrics in their own way. Dami gets her inspiration from life experiences and things happening around society.

In 2015, after rounding up with secondary school, she collaborated with Jinmi Abduls on his demo to produce “Fallin”. They started a record label known as “Chase Music”. In 2016, she released her first song ever produced, titled “Iyawo”.

While she was in the university, studying International Business and Management, Dami created time to work and better on her craft. Though it was a hassle trying to balance academic activities with music writing.

Moving on, Dami fixated on producing a body of art solely centered on RnB. In 2019, she achieved that goal with her piece titled “Bri’s Lounge”, which was coined from her name ‘Bri’ana’ and the fact she made the songs from her home with Remy Baggins.

Since then, she has been making beautiful melodies deeply enriched with RnB vibes. In 2022, she released “Matter of Time” which has garnered lots of streams and views on different music platforms. Dami Oniru is a versatile musician, with awesome vocal dexterity which is set to introduce a new sound into the mainstream.

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Top Songs of Dami Oniru

  • Fallin
  • Iyawo
  • Gold
  • Every Letter
  • Know My Name
  • Bri’s Lounge (EP)

Social Media Handles of Dami Oniru


What is Dami Oniru’s real name?

Her real name is Bri’ana Oluwadamilola Oniru-Edwards.

Where is Dami Oniru from?

Oluwadamilola is a Nigerian from Lagos State, who was born in Atlanta.

How old is Dami Oniru?

She is in her 20’s.

What did Dami Oniru study in school?

She studied International Business and Management.

What is Dami Oniru’s net worth?

Her net worth is not presently known.


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