Monaky – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

Monaky – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

Who is Monaky?

Harrison Ekunwe is a professional Nigerian Afrobeat artiste who goes by his stage Moniker, Monaky. He is based in Lagos State, Nigeria and he is a singer with a melodious voice and catching lyrics.

Monaky’s Biography

Harrison Ekunwe is an indigene from the Eastern part of Nigeria where he grew up in Edo State with his immediate family. From a young age, Monaky discovered his passion for music.

Since his tender age, he has been a huge fan of the Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. Monaky was captivated by Fela’s style of storytelling through Afropop music and has since nursed the ardent desire to pursue music as a profession.

His desire to be a professional singer led him to make freestyles and build his talent behind closed doors until he was fully ready to enter the music industry. In 2021, he entered the industry and released some singles titled “The Goat” and “The Suitor” respectively. With his vocal texture and distinction from other singers, he was nicknamed “Fela Boi”.

Monaky’s style of music infuses Afrobeat and Hip Hop with his ability to carry listeners along with storytelling on real-life experiences. In 2022, Monaky took the year off to work on his album and other projects.

In 2023, he came back with his debut album “Patient Zero” comprising 11 songs which were released on 30 June 2023. This album portrays the reality and experiences of the day-to-day living of average Nigerians.

Top Songs of Monaky

  • The Plug
  • House Party
  • Payroll
  • Siren
  • Update
  • Clock in
  • The Goat
  • The Suitor

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Where is Monaky from?

He hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

What is Monaky’s real name?

Monaky’s real name is Harrison Ekunwe.

What is Monaky’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $11,000.

How old is Monaky?

He is in his early 30’s.


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