Paul Omotosho Biography – Origin, Age, Career, Death, Net Worth, & More

Paul Omotosho Biography – Origin, Age, Career, Death, Net Worth, & More

Who is Paul Omotosho?

Paul Omotosho is a Nigerian Politician and Lawyer who hails from Ekiti State and was serving as the Ekiti State APC chairman. It was reported by his family that he died on March 6, 2024, Wednesday morning after a brief illness.

Omotosho had been actively involved in various political gatherings earlier in the week. He reportedly expressed health concerns on Tuesday. Consequently, he was urgently taken to a government hospital in the state capital, where he eventually passed away.

It’s worth noting that the late APC chairman had previously faced a kidnapping incident in July 2023. He was held by gunmen for five days before his release.

Paul Omotosho’s Early Life

Omotosho was born in Imesi-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria. He completed his early education there in Ekiti State before proceeding to study Law. The late Ekiti State APC chairman graduated as a law student but details on the institution he attended are currently unavailable.

Paul Omotosho’s Career

Paul Omotosho was a certified lawyer and Nigerian Politician. Although details of his professional and political journey are currently unavailable, he was the Ekiti State APC chairman before his passing. Unfortunately, his career has been cut short due to his death on Wednesday morning after encountering health issues.

Paul Omotosho’s Personal Life

There is currently no verified information on the late Politician’s personal life.


Which State is Paul Omotosho from?

Paul hails from Imesi-Ekiti, in Ekiti State by birth.

At what age did Paul Omotosho die?

The late politician’s age and date of birth are currently unavailable.

How did Paul Omotosho die?

He died on March 6, 2024, due to health concerns.

Was Paul Omotosho married?

There is currently no verified information on whether he was married or not.

What is Paul Omotosho’s Net Worth?

Regrettably, there is no verified information on the late politician’s net worth.


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