Saheed Olasunkanmi (the man in Moyo Lawal’s explicit video) Biography – Origin, Profession, & More.

Saheed Olasunkanmi (the man in Moyo Lawal’s explicit video) Biography – Origin, Profession, & More.

Who is Saheed Olasunkanmi?

Moyo Lawal gained significant attention recently due to the circulation of an explicit video featuring her and an unidentified man engaged in sexual activity. The man’s identity remained a mystery until a blogger named Cuti Juls revealed that he was Saheed Olasunkanmi.

Saheed Olasunkanmi’s Biography

Saheed was born in Kwara State, Nigeria on January 5, 1978. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and owns a beach house in Illashe, Lagos Island. In addition, Saheed Olasunkanmi has investments in real estate in Ajah, Lagos, and is involved in the sale of automobiles.

He is a single father of two, a son who resides with him and a daughter who visits once in a while. The single father also has two baby mamas in the United States.

Saheed Olasunkanmi’s Viral Video

Regarding the viral video, Saheed claims that Moyo Lawal paid him to engage in sexual activity with her and film it. He asserts that he possesses similar videos involving two other Nollywood actresses and other females, although he refrains from disclosing their identities to avoid controversy. The 45-year-old also stated that he films these videos to keep with as bragging rights that he has been with celebrities.

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Who is the man in Moyo Lawal’s sextape?

The man featured in Moyo Lawal’s sex tape is confirmed to be Saheed Olasunkanmi.

How old is Saheed Olasunkanmi?

He is 45 years old, born on January 5, 1978.

Where is Saheed Olasunkanmi from?

He originates from Kwara State, Nigeria.

What is Saheed Olasunkanmi’s net worth?

His net worth remains unknown, nevertheless, do ensure you check back for an update.

Where does Saheed Olasunkanmi live?

The 45-year-old resides in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.


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