Anita Brown (Nina The Elite) – Davido’s Baby Mama Biography, Career, Age, Net Worth, & More

Anita Brown (Nina The Elite) – Davido’s Baby Mama Biography, Career, Age, Net Worth, & More

Who Is Anita Brown (Nina The Elite)?

Anita Brown, also known as Nina the Elite is an American-based serial entrepreneur, speaker, and transformational coach. She is a 29-year-old businesswoman in New York with interest in Miami and Los Angeles.

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Who is Nina the Elite (Anita Brown)? – Biography and controversy

Anita is set to be the new baby mama of world-renowned singer Davido based and works in America. She recently sent the entire world a shocking discovery after she announced she was with Davido’s child.

At first, information came after the discovery that the post was fake and that her account was hacked. On Tuesday, 27th of June 2023, she later came on social media to verify that the information was legit.

Anita further added various proofs to verify that she was indeed with Davido’s baby. She included screenshots of what appears to be a chat with Davido, One of his team members, and another with a family member.

Anita further mentioned that she has no intention of ab**ting the child. She said, “I have never thought of it and I will never think of it”. Davido and his team have remained silent on the matter and have made no comment on the issue.

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Anita Brown’s Social Media handles

You can follow Anita Brown or Nina the Elite on the following social media handles.


What is Davido’s new baby mama’s name?

Her name is Anita Brown, but she also goes by the name Nina the Elite.

Where is Anita Brown from?

She hails from New York in the United States.

How old is Anita Brown?

She is currently 29 years of age.

Is Anita Brown married?

She is currently not married.

What is Anita Brown’s net worth?

Her net worth is not known to the masses yet. Do ensure you check back as I will be updating this article shortly.


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