Boylexxy – Real Name, Early Life, Age, Inspiration, Net Worth, & More

Boylexxy – Real Name, Early Life, Age, Inspiration, Net Worth, & More

Who Is Boylexxy?

Ayomide Alex Olanipekun, is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and performing artist. He is mostly recognized by his stage moniker, Boylexxy. Born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria before he relocated to Atlanta, United States.

Boylexxy’s Biography

Ayomide early life is traced through to Ogba Lagos where he had his secondary school education and stayed growing up. He stayed with his dad since his mom traveled out of the country while he was a child.

Exposed to various kinds of music like highlife, fuji, gospel, etc. These songs soundtracked his childhood as he grew. However, after his secondary school, he traveled to Atlanta to continue his education.

He moved to Atlanta but never quite dropped his fondness for Nigerian Afrobeat music. His first year was difficult, he said in an interview that he would purposefully miss some classes because he found them difficult.

Slowly, he was able to adapt and even introduced most of them to Nigerian Afrobeat music. In the interview, he mentioned that he never really liked American music cause it was based on violence. His musical career started after two people motivated him. The first was his Togolese roommate who was also an artist. He would sometimes correct him or rewrite his lyrics.

This friend motivated him to try music but Lexxy claim he does not like the sound of his own voice. The second person was his girlfriend, she was Sierra Loenne and named Patricia. She was a big fan of Nigerian Afrobeat and wanted Lexxy to show how talented he was. Luckily it all worked out and today, Boylexxy is one to watch out for.

Boylexxy’s Top Songs

  • Kowole
  • Dangerous
  • Paid
  • Bobo
  • Belinda
  • Gbon gbon

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How old is Boylexxy?

As of April 2023, he is age 28.

Where is Boylexxy from?

He hails from Lagos, State Nigeria.

What is Boylexxy’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $30,000.


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