Steven Adeoye Biography, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

Steven Adeoye Biography, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

How Is Steven Adeoye?

Stephen Adeoye is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who rose to fame after his song went viral. The song, in particular, is “Ali goes to school”, a song which he further remixed with portable and TI Blaze.

Steven Adeoye’s Biography

Steven started music at age 12 but never really got the attention he needed. He never quite got signed to any music label even after “Ali goes to school” became viral.

In an interview, he said he just wanted to sing sweet songs to people and he was fine. His brother is actually his producer as of now and was the one who even produced his major heat.

When asked about what inspired his hit song, he had a lot to say. He said although the song sounds like he was pushing young kids to do cyber fraud, it wasn’t really his intention.

The song was made in a hurry, and I wasn’t really aware of the message it was sending until after I released the song, he said. He further mentioned that his intention was to motivate young kids to do whatever it takes to be fine.

I’m not pushing kids to do cyber fraud, he said. Ali does not have to do yahoo, your Ali can play football, and your Ali can play Sportsbet. Just do whatever it takes to be fine, that was the message he was trying to send.

Top Songs from Steven Adeoye

  • Ali
  • Like this
  • Want you so bad
  • That’s me
  • Money over love

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Steven Adeoye’s Social Media Handles


How old is Steven Adeoye?

Not much is known about his age, but it is believed that he is in his 20s.

Where is Steven Adeoye from?

He hails from the Western region of Nigeria.

What is Steven Adeoye’s Net Worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $20,000.


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