THE CAVEMEN Biography, Real Name, Age, Top Songs, Net Worth, & More

THE CAVEMEN Biography, Real Name, Age, Top Songs, Net Worth, & More

Who Is The Cavemen?

The Cavemen is an Afro-life band run by two siblings, Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie, it was founded in March 2018. They are both fast rising songwriters, singers, and producers, who have drawn the attention of various Nigerians with their special type of highlife music.

The Cavemen Biography

Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie were both born and raise in Lagos, although their date of birth is yet to be discovered. That being said, remember to subscribe to this blog as we will update this article as soon as their date of birth is made known to the public.

Although they were born and raised in Lagos, they originally hail from the eastern part of Nigeria. The brothers have always had a fondness for music, ever since their early age. They claim they always fantasize about playing in the choir.

A few years later, Benjamin Okorie took interest in drums and started learning how to play. His brother Kingsley was only interested in playing the base guitar and keyboard, which he also learnt how to play.

The brothers claimed that their love for highlife started when their driver introduced them to highlife. He (the driver) would always play Oliver De Coque’s songs while he was driving. The brother took likeness to this kind of music and that was when the journey started.

They stated infusing Afrobeat into highlife, which brought Afro-life into existence. In 2020, their debut album was released, titled “Roots”, it housed about 18 song. The album saw the duo attend fame, an album which have over 480 thousand streams till date.

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Top Songs From The Cavemen

  • Dance like cavy
  • Ihunanya
  • Adaugo
  • Fine pammy
  • Selense
  • Anita
  • Beautiful rain

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The Cavemen’s Social Media Handles

Instagram – @the.cavemen

Twitter – @the.cavemen

Also see their individual social media handles

Benjamin Okorie – Instagram @Okoriebenny, Twitter @Okoriebenny

Kingsley Okorie – Instagram @Knoteofficial, Twitter @Knoteofficial


What is The Cavemen’s net-worth?

The dynamic duo has an estimated net-worth of $250,000.

What school did The Cavemen attend?

Kingsley Okorie studied law in kano, and Benjamin attended a music school.

The Cavemen new song?

The latest song The Cavemen released is titled “Adaugo“.

What is The Cavemen’s origin?

They both originate from the eastern part of Nigeria, however, they were born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.


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