DJ Chicken – Biography, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, & More

DJ Chicken – Biography, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, & More

Who Is DJ Chicken?

Ademola Abiodun, also known popularly by his stage name, “DJ Chicken”. He is a professional disc jockey and entertainer. Born on the 10th of April 1995, the professional DJ hails from Lagos State Nigeria.

DJ Chicken’s Biography

Like many others, his biography is traced to his early age. Always wanting to entertain others even in small gatherings. Thereon, he picked up interest in the act of being a full-time DJ.

His name came from his friends and it stuck with him. Growing up, he was always fond of eating, chickens mostly. This prompted his friends to call him Chicken, and as he became a DJ, the moniker, “DJ Chicken” just sounded right.

Ademola Abiodun has had his fair share of struggles in the industry. It wasn’t up till 2022 he gain attention, and in 2023, he has now become the talk of the town.

He recently got into an altercation which saw the young lad get beaten. Although details of the altercation still remain blurry, it is said in the street that Portable had a hand in the incident.’

DJ Chicken’s Top Songs

Although he is not a performing artist, he has a few mixtapes worth taking note of. They include;

  • Kukuruku mixtape pt 10
  • Kukuruku mixtape pr 11

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DJ Chicken’s Social Media Handles

You can connect with him on the following social media handles.


Where is DJ Chicken from?

He hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.

What is Dj Chicken’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $25,000.

How old is DJ Chicken?

He is 28 years of age.

Why was DJ Chicken beaten?

It is believed that he had an issue with Portable. However, this information isn’t been fully verified yet. Do check back as I will be updating this article shortly.


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