Happie Boyz – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, OPM Controversy, & More

Happie Boyz – Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, OPM Controversy, & More

Who are the Happie Boyz?

Happie Boyz; Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson are a young Nigerian Comedy duo who came into the limelight on social media for being sacked due to dereliction of duty while at work. Ever since then, the duo have been making comedy content on their social media platforms.

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Happie Boyz’s Biography

In 2022, Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson rose to fame on social media after being fired from their jobs as security guards at Chicken Republic in Aba, Abia State, for dancing while on duty. Following their dismissal, they were granted scholarships to study in Cyprus by the General Overseer of the Omega Power Ministries, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere.

Of recent, the famous Happie Boyz took to their social media platform. This was to reveal that they were dropping out of school, due to lack of financial support from their sponsor. They went further, as to share their chats with Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere where they requested financial assistance on several occasions. But surprisingly, he did not come through with the help needed.

This information however, raised a lot of controversial questions and angered their sponsor, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere. Reacting to this, Apostle Chibuzor expressed his anger and began laying curses on the Happie Boyz.

According to him, the church was in charge of sponsoring their scholarship including other beneficiaries. But, due to the increase in the dollar rate and the dwindling economic situation in Nigeria, the church was not able to keep up with the sponsorship.

He also added that all of this was well communicated to them and they were offered an option of leaving Cyprus to come to finish their studies in Nigeria or Benin Republic, which the boys blatantly refused.

With both parties at loggerheads, the comedy duo has made their stance known that they have no intentions of returning back to Nigeria. They expressed their gratitude to the General Overseer of OPM and asked for forgiveness.

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Happie Boyz Social Media Handle

Instagram – @happie_boys1


Where are the Happie Boyz From?

The comedy duo (Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson) are from Aba, Abia State.

What are the Happie Boyz’s real name?

Their names are; Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson.

How old are the Happie Boyz?

They are both in their late 20s.


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