Anyanya Udongwo – Biography, State Of Origin, Education, Net Worth, & More

Anyanya Udongwo – Biography, State Of Origin, Education, Net Worth, & More

Who Is Anyanya Udongwo?

Anyanya Udongwo or simply called Anyanya is a Nigerian-born surgeon, singer, and songwriter. He came into the limelight after he won the Voice of Lithuania 2023.

Anyanya Udongwo’s Biography

Anyanya was born in Akwa Ibom, the eastern region of Nigeria. He stayed in Nigeria where he completed his secondary school education before fate took him outside the country.

He traveled to Ukraine where he continued his education where he went on to become a full-time surgeon. However, due to the Russia and Ukraine war, he could no longer stay in Ukraine where he spent most of his life.

He left Ukraine seeking refuge for himself and his family and as faith wanted, he ended up in Lithuania. At the start, it was pretty tough for him as he tried so many things. He saw an opportunity to participate in the Lithuania The Voice competition and took it. Luckily, the Nigerian-born singer took the stage and surprised everyone with his powerful vocals.

After winning he was interviewed and he had so many things to share. He said that Lithuania welcomed him and his family in a way that he never thought could happen and this played a huge part in his success.

When he was asked what made him start singing, he also had a lot to say. He said to him, music had always been part of him but he never quite saw the bigger picture. “I was always singing as a kid, especially in my church choir”. However, he did not really see singing as a huge part of his life until 5 years ago when he decided to start his musical career.

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Anyanya Udongwo’s Social Media Handles

You can connect with Anyanya on the following handles;


Where is Anyanya Udongwo from?

He hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

What is Anyanya Udongwo’s educational background?

He studied surgery in Ukraine and had his secondary school in Nigeria before traveling to Ukraine.

What is Anyanya Udongwo’s net worth?

Not much is known of his net worth yet, it is only known that winning the Voice of Lithuania 2023 saw him receive a reward of 15,000 Euros.

How old is Anyanya Udongwo?

Not much is known about his age yet, however, it is believed he is in his late 20s.


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