Jezzyken Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

Jezzyken Biography, Real Name, Age, Origin, Discography, Net Worth, & More

Who is Jezzyken?

Ezeja Kenneth Ogechukwu, widely recognized as Jezzyken. He is a songwriter and singer who was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria and raised in the West.

Jezzyken’s Biography

From the onset, Ezeja Kenneth Ogechukwu has been a huge fan of listening to music. He even risked using his tuition fee to buy his first set of music production instruments.

Jezzyken ventured into music production when he was a young teenager. He started making cool beats and freestyle in his neighborhood.

This was the start of stardom for the young artist. Soon he began to collect fees from people in his environs to make songs for them when they have any special occasion.

His charming features and positive aura brought him closer to like minds for collaboration. In 2019, he created his record label Mys3lyf.

The same year, he released his first single ‘Ecstasy’. The following year, in 2020, he delivered his first EP ‘Subzero’. Ever since then, the talented artist has been moving headstrong with the burning fire to dominate the music industry.

Recently, he dropped a single “Blow my mind” with SynX taking production credit. The talented artist is breath of fresh air in the music industry and is ready to take it by storm this 2023.

Jezzyken’s Top Songs

  • Peace n Love
  • Blow my mind
  • Sauce
  • Falling (EP)
  • Into me
  • Ecstasy

Jezzyken’s Social Media Handles

Instagram -@iamjezzyken
Twitter – @jezzyken1


What is Jezzyken’s net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $4000.

How old is Jezzyken?

Kenneth Ogechukwu is 30 years old.

Where is Jezzyken from?

Ezeja Kenneth Ogechukwu is a fast-rising artist born in the eastern part but raised in the western part of Nigeria.


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